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Horses are my passion

Equine Massage & Care

When you love what you do – your horse feels it too.

I am so blessed to have my best 4-legged friend stabled here in Singapore. He has taught me more about life – unconditional love, patience, trust, loyalty, and kindness than I could ever have imaged.

Horse are truly therapy for the soul!

If you’re feeling like you need a top up, on these life skills or to get in touch with these emotions and more as part of your emotional and physical healing. Drop me an email and we can chat about you spending a few hours with a horse and how they can be far more healing than you could ever imagine.

Equine Massage

A horse’s musculoskeletal structure is very similar to a human only they are on 4 legs not 2!

Massage relieves stress, promotes healing, increases blood flow, provides lymphatic drainage, and reduces swelling. It also makes both human and horses feel great and more willing to work for you.

I am offering you over 26 years of physiotherapy knowledge and experience, incredibly gifted sense of touch and intuition to massage and release tension in your horse. I don’t diagnose medial issues, we will leave that to your qualified Veterinarians, but I would love to massage your horse and welcome your feedback on your next rides.  


I am not an Equine Physiotherapist – however I do have over 26 years of Musculoskeletal and biomechanical knowledge with horses and humans.

Course attended and attending with Angela Hall – Equine Massage Academy (UK).


60 minutes

Charges $ 150.00

Image by Michael Anfang
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